philippe kunnen

Our studio is driven by a passion for innovation combining science, traditional know-how and aesthetics. We immerse ourselves in materials such as concrete, metal, ceramic, glass…, and we explore the limits of these materials to create innovative products.

We are also involved in the study, research and hands-on experimentation. It is a matter for us of probing the 21st century and to imagine new shapes, materials and techniques that are a source of inspiration for generations to come.

– Ultra High Performance Concrete
– Fiber reinforced concrete
– Light weight concrete
– Functional, greener, alternative concrete…
– Concrete technology
– Clays & ceramics
– R&D new cementitious materials and building components


Adream 2012: European competition –  architecture and design using renewable and ecological materials.

DDD 2011: Design & Développement Durable (design & sustainable development)

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